Social Media and Small Business Websites

Traditionally small business owners employ marketing techniques such as word of mouth, networking, and customer referrals. These techniques are very valuable to the small business owner and have evolved on the Internet. Social networking sites have propelled all of these techniques into a global audience versus a local community. Small business websites provide significant marketing exposure using these techniques at a price point most can afford. Cirrus ABS can develop, build, and deploy a personalized small business website with our selection of professional looking templates.

Each Cirrus ABS Small Business website is designed with social media integration in mind. You can easily tie in your companies social accounts (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube) to keep your target audience on top of your day to day activities. Combine your social marketing efforts with powerful website management tools, and you have a winning combination. Now that’s money well spent, indeed!

Small business websites can be lost in the every expanding Web.  Make sure your website is found.  View our Cirrus ABS Small Business Suite and all the its available options. Then contact us to find out how to get started.