Content Migration & Writing Assistance

Helping Your Site Come Alive ... for a One-Time Fee of $499!

Just $499 buys you up to 8 hours of assistance in populating your new Small Business Suite website with basic content. This typically will entail one or more of the following:
  • copying and moving (migrating) text from your current website to your new website
  • copying text from your current marketing collateral and placing it on your new site
  • having one of our writers review your existing Web and/or collateral copy and either tweak it or recommend edits you can make before it’s placed onsite
  • having one of our writers work with you to craft new, original copy for select pages or sections of your website

As you might guess, the 8 hours of time you buy with this optional program are best suited to migrating existing copy rather than to producing new copy. Eight hours doesn’t buy much in the way of professional writing these days. But take heart.

We do offer the services of our professional writers at an hourly rate – with discounts available for blocks of time. If you’d like additional writing for your Small Business Suite website, please review our Writing Services section. Then contact Cirrus ABS.