Web Design

Creating Appeal, Functionality – and Results!

When our designers created the templates for our Small Business Suite and SBS Lite websites, they kept these four factors in mind:

  • Usability. Most website graphics have functional significance, helping visitors navigate through the site.
  • Load Time. The size of the data file for any graphic determines how quickly that graphic loads and becomes visible online. Site visitors don't want to wait around for huge graphics files to load.
  • Graphic dimensions. The size and shape of graphic elements can have a major impact on how your website is constructed.
  • Audience. The Web gives you an opportunity to create design elements specific to various segments of your targeted audience.

Given these factors, our award-winning design team has included in your SBS or SBS Lite package …

  • a choice of personalized website templates
  • a manageable animated image rotator
  • Web-optimized graphics
  • custom “Browser Favorites” icons
  • search-engine-friendly graphical text
  • color-blind-accessible design
  • and a host of other top-level design feature 

For more details on our Web design capabilities, programs, and packages, contact Cirrus ABS.