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Profit from the Web!

The growth of the Internet has been nothing short of explosive! And the trend continues as more and more businesses move their marketing dollars from traditional media – Yellow  Pages, newspapers, and the like – to Web-based media.

This, then, is the new truism: Anymore, you need a powerful Web presence to compete and win in the marketplace. Our Small Business Suite or SBS Lite Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity to build such a presence.

Better yet, unlike the many ineffective template-based website solutions that proliferate today, SBS and SBS Lite are turnkey solutions that provide  solid business results – at a fraction of what you’d pay for a custom website!

Partnership Pays!

Cirrus ABS offers one of the top-paying affiliate programs available today. As a Small Business Suite or SBS Lite Affiliate, you’ll receive …

  • complete training on our solutions
  • access to demo sites and other powerful tools
  • access to Cirrus ABS-designed marketing materials for use in your website, email, and online promotions. 

Sign up to receive your own special promo codes so you can offer your customers various discounts and promotions. You can link to our award-winning website or sign customers up directly and earn generous compensation for your efforts. 

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