We’re Cirrus ABS
We specialize in what we call NetCentered business solutions. These are solid strategies that put the Internet and Internet-based technologies at the heart of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Since 1995, the year we were founded, our NetCentered approach has helped hundreds of companies, large and small, across the United States market themselves successfully online. In today's marketplace, that's crucial.

If you're not on the Web, you're not fully competing. Tie all of your marketing efforts in all media back to the Web, and you stand a far better chance of achieving your business goals. We'll help you do that.

From our offices in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, we provide a wide range of NetCentered services that include ...
  • business-oriented Web strategy development
  • website creation
  • Web application and software development
  • online visibility management via search engine optimization, social media optimization, and other programs
  • traditional and Web-based marketing
  • new-business development
  • business process innovation

It's this experience that we've brought to bear on our Small Business Suite and SBS Lite programs. Now, even the smallest business can benefit from our expertise – and establish a big Web presence.

Like what you see? Then visit and take a closer look at all we have to offer! As your business grows, we can provide more of the NetCentered programs, technology, and services you need to get the most from the Web.